further details & important information 

Everbloom preserves your flowers in their original 3-dimensional form- we do NOT press them.


The preserved flowers are mounted in wall-hung, sealed box frames with UV absorbing glass.



  • some colours will change slightly during the preservation process; eg. a red rose will always darken.


  • The fresher the flowers, the better the final results will be: tell your florist that you intend to have the bouquet preserved and ask that any wiring is kept to the minimum.


  • after the wedding, keep the flowers in a cool, dark place eg. a garage or shed, and place the stems in a little water.


DO NOT put the flowers in a fridge or freezer


DO NOT spray the flowers with water



The preservation process can take several weeks; you will be contacted as soon as the finished piece is ready for collection.


TIP:  A photograph looks great with your flowers or you can enclose small items from your day such as the groom's cuff links or sugar craft from your wedding cake.


Please take time to view examples of previous work in the gallery.

Samples can be viewed at my studio - please call for an appointment